Nieuws, 17 januari 2023

Dutch Council for Refugees launches collaboration with Border Violence Monitoring Network

The Dutch Council for Refugees started a new collaboration with the Border Violence Monitoring Network (BVMN). The BVMN is an independent network of organizations operating in the Balkan region and Greece. This network documents and reports human rights violations at the EU's external borders and advocates to stop violence against refugees and migrants.

Pushbacks along Greek and Balkan routes

The Dutch Council for Refugees has been working together for years with a number of human rights organizations that are part of the BVMN, such as the Croatian Centre for Peace Studies. In the coming year, the Dutch Council will invest in BVMN's capacity. We will focus on increasing the network's legal expertise, networking and communication skills. The BVMN keeps the Dutch Council informed of developments so that we can act together in advocating to stop the violence at Europe's external borders.

The BVMN was founded in 2016 after increasing signs of large-scale and violent pushback along Europe's borders. The network maintains a database of testimonies of pushback victims and publishes monthly reports on the violence along the Greek and Balkan routes. Once a year, the BVMN publishes a 'Black book of Pushbacks'. We use these publications to advocate at both the national and international levels to stop violent pushbacks and impunity.

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