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The Dutch Council for Refugees (DCR) is also committed to protecting and integrating refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and Curaçao. We share our knowledge and expertise with local organizations in other countries and support them financially. In this way, they can offer the best possible help on the spot. Together, we stand up for the rights of refugees.

Everything about the STEP UP fund: NGO capacity strenghtening for refugee protection

The Dutch Council for Refugees has set up the STEP UP Fund to increase the capacity of local human rights organisations.

What does the Dutch Council for Refugees do?

We believe that Europe should bear joint responsibility for the protection of refugees. Asylum and refugee policy is increasingly determined in Brussels, rather than in The Hague. As a result, we must look beyond our national borders. We do this through advocacy, with practical support and by sharing our knowledge and expertise in with other human rights organizations in Europe.

Our current projects:


DCR helps us to build capacity in fundraising, advocacy and many other areas. They support organizations to build resilience and to be better suited for the future, not only the ‘now’.

Artemis Papatheodorou is project manager at the Greek Council for Refugees

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