Board and Supervisory Board: this is how we are organised

The Dutch Council for Refugees is a foundation. We have local chapters and office hours locations across the country. In this way, our organization is active in almost all reception centres and municipalities.

Local chapters

There are a total of about 320 local chapters. Some consist of a few volunteers, others have a few paid employees and many volunteers. This intricate network offers the Council for Refugees the opportunity to be present where refugees need us. The organization is active in almost all asylum centres and municipalities. This makes the Council for Refugees the only organization in the Netherlands that assists refugees in all stages of their stay in the Netherlands.

Frank Candel (left) and Mirjam Huisman (right) will form the new two-member board of the Dutch Council for Refugees as of January 1, 2022.

Foundation board and national Supervisory Board

The board of the foundation consists of two board members: a board chairman and a board member. These are currently:

  • Frank Candel, Chairman of the Board
  • Mirjam Huisman, board member

The foundation also has a Supervisory Board. A term of office lasts four years; a supervisor can be reappointed a maximum of once. The Supervisory Board currently consists of:

  • Winnie Sorgdrager, chairperson 
  • Judith Schulp, member
  • Keyvan Shahbazi, member
  • Maarten Stuker, member
  • Remco Bervoets, member
  • Sander van 't Foort, member
  • Ton Coenen, member

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Regulations of the Supervisory Board