Project, 21 april 2022

Step Up project: advocacy and legal support in Croatia

Are You Syrious is a Croatian NGO working with volunteers in several countries to protect human rights, provide humanitarian aid and support the integration of refugees and asylum seekers.

How do we work together?

Training and workshops by the Step Up Fund enable the Are You Syrious team to handle complex challenges. From data collection to strategic litigation at national, European and UN level.

Activities in the field of recruitment and retention of volunteers have also been improved, resulting in better support for the target group.

What does Are You Syrious do?

Through advocacy campaigns, the organization exposes human rights violations such as pushbacks. Are You Syrious also runs integration centers, where they run independent integration programs for both children and adults, to facilitate their access to education, housing and work. providing various services: from language classes to humanitarian aid.


Refugees and asylum seekers in Croatia face human rights violations at the borders through violent pushbacks. This makes it virtually impossible to exercise their right to apply for international protection.

In addition, a poor integration policy means that status holders are left on their own, so that they have little or no access to language lessons, care, education, housing and the labor market.


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