Project, 21 april 2022

Step Up project: Advocacy in Italy

ASGI is an abbreviation of Associazione per gli Studi Giuridici sull'Immigrazione: Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration. The organization provides legal support, strategic litigation and advocacy for refugees and asylum seekers in Italy.

How do we work together?

ASGI wants to be more effective in its advocacy and communication activities. The Step Up Fund supports the association with training for association members, so that they can better use resources such as papers and recommendations to bring the work to the attention of the appropriate national and EU institutions.

What does ASGI do?

With over 400 members, including lawyers, academics, consultants and civil society representatives, the organization has a lot of of expertise in the field of strategic litigation. ASGI’s members provide their contribution at various levels: administrative, policy-making and legal, both in national and European contexts, committed to the protection and inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers with legal support and advocacy.


One of the biggest challenges in Italy (and Europe) are illegal practices at the border. As a result, migrants who are at the border and on Italian territory cannot exercise their right to apply for asylum. Furthermore, they can rely less and less on support with integration and access to the labor market, resulting in increasing exclusion and discrimination against foreign citizens.


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