Project, 8 februari 2022

Step Up project: building bridges in Spain

Asocación Kudwa is a Spanish NGO run by and for migrants and refugees. Kudwa, which means role model in Arabic, forms a bridge between migrants, refugees and local residents.

How we work together

The Step Up Fund supports the organisation in advocacy in Catalonia. They aim to give migrants and refugees a voice in policy decisions, and they promote integration and inclusion.

What does Asocación Kudwa do?

The organisation focuses on Arabic-speaking migrants and refugees in Catalonia (physical) and Spain (online), as well as the local population and organisations.

Asocación Kudwa organises legal aid, cultural activities to stimulate connection with the local community, and online and offline training for migrants, refugees and organisations who work with these target groups.


Migrants with a Latin background are well established and, thanks to special arrangements, have access to Spain and Catalonia that migrants from other areas do not. They speak the same language and have a long history of advocacy for their community because of colonial history with Spain. Other migrant populations do not have such access or facilities.

Arabic-speaking and other migrants and refugees face many obstacles when living in an environment where they are unfamiliar with the culture and language. Asocación Kudwa was founded to break down cultural barriers and provide tools for social and professional integration, as well as the inclusion of foreign communities.


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