Project, 21 april 2022

Step Up project: developing a training program for employees in Spain

'Progestion' stands for Asociación para la promoción y gestión de servicios sociales generales y especializados– 'Association for the promotion and management of general and specialized social services.' This Spanish NGO runs the only center in Spain for asylum seekers with addiction and mental health problems.

How do we work together?

Together with the Step Up Fund, Progestion has set up a training program for employees. This allows them to further develop their knowledge and skills and offer asylum seekers better help in the field of international asylum law, migration, gender, interculturality and psychosocial issues.

What does Progestion do?

Progestion works with different groups dealing with social exclusion, such as migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, young people and the unemployed. They offer legal support, psychosocial help, labor market guidance, housing and more.


On a psychosocial level, refugees have to deal with many issues that can affect their mental state: forced separation from their family and friends, feelings of grief and uprooting, negative experiences during their journey, lack of knowledge of the language or culture in the host country, etc.

In addition, they have often faced violence, persecution or violation of human rights in their country of origin, and have to deal with the fear of relatives, who are left behind, are still in danger. All these factors can lead to anxiety disorders, depression and anger.


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