Project, 8 januari 2022

Step Up project: Digital education and more in Greece

SYMBIOSIS is a Greek NGO committed to the political, social and economic participation of refugees, migrants and marginalised groups. The organisation works at the local, national and European levels.

How we work together

With support from the Step Up Fund, the organisation will continue to develop digital organisation and learning. For example, they are setting up a digital meeting place and education platform.

What does SYMBIOSIS do?

SYMBIOSIS is committed to freedom of expression, labour market inclusion, and active citizenship so citizens, migrants and marginalised communities can make their voices heard. They do this by organising training courses, seminars and dialogues between civil society, policymakers, experts, the media and migrants.


Migrants and refugees face many barriers in Greek society, including housing, access to social services and employment. There is little room for citizen participation and advocacy by refugees themselves, and there is still little cooperation between NGOs and initiatives led by refugees.


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