Project, 21 april 2022

Step Up project: fundraising for the protection of refugee women in Spain

Spanish Rescate International is one of the few NGOs specialized in supporting refugees seeking international protection based on gender, gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

How do we work together?

Due to ever-decreasing government grants, Rescate focuses on private fundraising. The Step Up Fund supports them in developing campaigns to recruit donors who would like to support the organization on a structural base. This sustainable source of income ensures the organization can continue its work.

What does Rescate do?

Since 2018, Rescate has had centers specialized in the reception of refugees in need of international protection due to gender-based persecution. They provide legal and psychosocial assistance and are committed to social inclusion and financial support for basic needs such as care and education.


In recent years, Spain has been dealing with a continuous increase in the number of refugees and asylum seekers. During asylum procedures, gender is not sufficiently considered as a relevant factor in determining status (Ombudsman Office 'Asylum in Spain'- 2016).

Sexual violence, female circumcision and conflict situations make women and girls extra vulnerable to violence, resulting in emotional and physical trauma, in short- and long-term.


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