Project, 8 februari 2022

Step Up project: Legal aid in Italy

A Buon Diritto Onlus, which means ‘a good reason’, is an Italian NGO based in Rome that provides free legal aid to refugees and asylum seekers.

How we work together

Through the Step Up Fund, DCR has helped the organisation develop a new fundraising strategy, train employees in this area, and develop a database for better analysis. This has allowed A Buon Diritto Onlus to develop more targeted campaigns and have more resources to assist refugees.

What does A Buon Diritto Onlus do?

For 20 years, A Buon Diritto Onlus has been denouncing abuses against migrants and refugees in prisons and detention centres. Specialist lawyers provide support in asylum procedures.

They also offer aid in cases where rights related to family reunification, housing, health care and education are violated. In recent years, A Buon Diritto Onlus has paid extra attention to female asylum seekers who are confronted with violence.


Recent immigration and asylum reforms pose increasing threats to asylum seekers and others entitled to international protection. Asylum seekers can only go to large-scale reception centres where there are insufficient opportunities for services, such as professional training and help with finding a job. This leads to exploitation and blackmail by organisations looking for cheap labour.

Asylum applications from people from certain countries are refused, and accelerated border procedures almost always result in rejection and often detention. Detention for ‘administrative reasons’ is widely practiced in Italy.

When asylum applications are rejected, these people have nowhere to go and they become ‘invisible’: the state treats them as if they don’t exist, but they do live in Italy and need to survive. Many asylum seekers live in appalling conditions that result in psychological, health and safety risks.


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