Project, 21 april 2022

Step Up project: an online platform for asylum lawyers

Croatian Law Center (CLC) offers free legal advice to asylum seekers and refugees and assists them during proceedings.

How do we work together?

The Step Up Fund supported Croatian Law Center (CLC) in developing an online network platform for asylum lawyers. This platform has two goals:

  • To exchange knowledge and experience, legal analyses, court decisions and other information,
  • To establish a virtual knowledge base where lawyers can find different approaches to problems and obstacles that are crucial in asylum procedures.

What does CLC do?

CLC has been working with governments and independent professionals in the fields of law, human rights and supervision for over 25 years. The organization provides legal analyses on various topics, proposes legislative changes and organizes expert meetings and round table discussions.


Civil society organizations play an important role in the Croatian asylum system. They offer support to refugees and asylum seekers in matters such as care, integration, psychosocial and legal issues. Currently, free legal advice for asylum seekers is not subsidized by the government.

The role of NGOs that do offer these services for free is therefore very important. Connecting asylum lawyers via a digital platform ensures that knowledge, experience and insights are made accessible in an efficient way.


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