Project, 21 april 2022

Step Up project: sharing housing with locals in Spain

Refugee Welcome Spain (Refugiados Bienvenidos España) connects local residents with refugees in Spain to share housing, contributing to social inclusion.

How do we work together?

The Step Up Fund supports the organization with capacity building in project management, fundraising and volunteer management.

By developing a methodology for the process of recruiting housing and matching current and future residents, this project can be scaled up to multiple regions in Spain.

What does Refugee Welcome Spain do?

With the help of volunteers, Refugee Welcome Spain is committed to recruite housing for refugees. Local residents who are open to sharing their home with refugees can offer accommodation through an online platform. They are supervised and screened by Refugee Welcome Spain.


When people apply for asylum in Spain, housing is provided for the first six months. After that, they must look for their own accommodation, which is not an easy task in a society in which refugees and asylum seekers have hardly any contact with the local population.

By bringing together supply and demand in the field of housing, these groups can get to know each other. This creates more understanding and less prejudice, with the aim of a more inclusive society.


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