Project, 8 februari 2022

Step Up project: Training women in Spain

The Peer-to-Peer project from the Spanish NGO Mundo en Movimiento ('the world on the move') helps refugees stand on their own after participating in support programmes.

How we work together

Women with a refugee background are trained to share their own knowledge and experience of building new lives in Spain with newcomers. The Step Up Fund supports the NGO in developing this training.

What does Mundo en Movimiento do?

Mundo en Movimiento supports migrants, promotes human rights, and organises events to promote global citizenship. They counsel people whose asylum applications have been rejected, create awareness about refugee camps on the borders of Europe, and organise creative activities for young people.


Social services in Madrid are overburdened, leaving little time for individual cases. It is often difficult for refugees and migrants to find information about their rights and access to social services, and that information often does not consider cultural differences or is not translated.

This puts refugees and migrants in difficult situations with poor access to housing, social services and work. These situations can be avoided through better provision of information and peer-to-peer assistance.


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