Important information in your own language

[ Belangrijke informatie in je eigen taal ]

When you are new to the Netherlands, there are many things unknown and complex. As long as you have not mastered the Dutch language, it is difficult to find the right information. Whereas you must settle all kinds of important affairs. On this website, you will find relevant information for refugees in your own language.

If you are not granted asylum

[ Als je geen asiel krijgt ]

Information for children

[ Informatie voor kinderen ]

Are you younger than 18 years of age and looking for information about school, living in a reception centre, or Dutch culture? The Children's Helpline and the Dutch Council for Refugees have websites especially for refugee children. Go to:

About the Dutch Council for Refugees

[ Over VluchtelingenWerk ]

The Dutch Council for Refugees is an independent organisation that acts in the best interests of refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands. Our employees and many volunteers commit themselves to the protection of asylum seekers and refugees by providing personal support and representing their interests at their admission, reception, and social participation. We base our work on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Feedback on this website?

[ Feedback op deze website? ]

The Dutch Council for Refugees has compiled this website with utmost care. If you discover an error, please tell us about it in Dutch or English at

Contact and advice


If you need personal advice or guidance, please contact the Dutch Council for Refugees in your reception centre or municipality. Type the place name or postcode where you are staying.

Spreekuur means consulting hours. Sometimes it says Juridisch spreekuur. These consulting hours are meant for matters around your residence status or family reunification.

If the Dutch Council for Refugees is not active in your municipality, the contact details of the regional head office are shown above. In that case, please contact your municipality or the organisation in your municipality that provides guidance to refugees.