Integrate with VluchtelingenWerk (Dutch Council for Refugees)

Under the integration law, immigrants and refugees are required to personally procure and pay for their integration programme.

Finding your way around on the ' integration market' can be challenging for regugees or immigrants who just moved to a municipality, can't speak or aren't fluent in Dutch and do not know their way around. VluchtelingenWerk Oost Nederland offers integration courses to refugees and immigrants in collaboration with toTAAL and Quality Communication: language classes are arrange by their qualified and experienced NT2-teachers (Dutch as a second language). VluchtelingenWerk provides extra support by offering a language coach who helps with homework assignments and speaking skills, meanwhile arranging everything from intake right up to the exams. VluchtelingenWerk offers different routes ranging from  alphabetisation to state  exam NT2. Participants can apply for a loan from DUO to pay for the course.

Programme information
Participants will attend language classes for eight hours a week. In all classes NT2 teachers are assisted by voluntary language coaches deployed by VluchtelingenWerk. Participants will equally get a language coach assigend who will work with them on an indivual basis during the entire length of the integration programme.

At country level it has been decided to work with best practise book methods. The method thus applies for the entire country and can easily be practised at home and even after the programme has finished. However, there is not a single method that applies to all  skills levels at the same time. Therefore the following methods have been selected:  TaalCompleet and 7/43.

Class locations

The integration courses are currently hosted in over 30 locations, which you can find at the following link:


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