A closer look at country information

To determine whether someone who applies for asylum is at risk in their country of origin, it is important that the available information be as complete as possible. DCR is working with the British Asylum Research Centre (ARC Foundation) to take a critical look at the documents published about this.

Specific themes

The European Asylum Agency publishes extensive country reports and recently also short answers to specific questions and themes, for example, about the situation of certain minorities or LGBTQI+ people.

In January, we published our analysis of some of these Country of Origin Information (COI) queries. We looked at the sources the asylum layer had used and how they presented the information. This involves the unfair treatment – such as discrimination, harassment, physical or emotional violence – faced by individuals with a gender identity or sexual orientation that deviates from the prevailing norm.

You can read the full methodology analysis, resources and presentation here.


Improving information

For years, the Dutch Council for Refugees and the British Asylum Research Centre (ARC Foundation) have been working together to focus on the quality of country information to be used in asylum procedures. From that perspective, we offer feedback or comments when we feel the quality of published information can be improved.

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