Our work in municipalities

The work of the Dutch Council for Refugees is in the interest of the municipality, the community and the refugee. Find out more.

Our services

We contribute to sustainable and meaningful integration and participation of refugees in society. We have been doing this for 40 years, together with hundreds of Dutch municipalities and 12,500 trained volunteers.


Professionals and volunteers

The Dutch Council for Refugees is a non-profit, national organization with professionals and volunteers. We are at the heart of Dutch society. Our employees can call on the national organization for information about new developments, research, relevant legislation and regulations and development of expertise. We know our way around society and we know the (situation of the) refugee.

40 years of knowledge and experience

The Dutch Council for Refugees has many years of knowledge and experience in the field of refugee reception and protection and the specific challenges associated with their integration into society. We know refugees personally, often from the moment they arrive at a reception center. We have a lot of experience and knowledge about different approaches and best practices, which we are happy to share with municipalities.


Active throughout the Netherlands

The Dutch Council for Refugees is an organization operating nationally, with a close-knit local network of volunteers. We are active in all reception centers and in more than 70 percent of all municipalities in the Netherlands. Moreover, as a national organization we can call on our expertise center.


Working together

The Dutch Council for Refugees works in the interest of the municipality, the community and the refugee by actively collaborating with local institutions or parties. Together with the municipality, we look at the local situation: what are the options and what works best? This leads to optimal and the most sustainable results. Municipalities do not have to engage a different organization for every part of the implementation.

Have a view at our locations

The Council for Refugees is active in 74% of all Dutch municipalities. Do you work with another party for certain services? High chance we already know them! And we enjoy working with them. Because together we are the best bridge builders.