Een man werkt op de maïsvelden

Return to Ghana

[ Terugkeer naar Ghana ]

The Dutch government has decided that you must leave the Netherlands within a short time. If you are thinking about returning to your country of origin, the Dutch Council for Refugees can help you in this process. Examining your possibilities will enable you to take a good decision on your future.

The Dutch government has money for people who return independently. Various organisations can apply for this money for you. It is paid out partly in the form of goods and services (in kind). At some organisations, for example, you can take a short training course to learn a certain trade, and at other organisations you can receive assistance in working out a future plan and at others obtain tools for your own business. The financial value of the support in goods or services is the same at each organisation. You can only apply to one organisation at a time. The government monitors this.

In addition to this assistance, there is support under the REAN scheme (Return and Emigration Assistance from the Netherlands). IOM is the organisation that implements this scheme on commission from the government. Under REAN you can obtain counselling, a plane ticket, assistance in obtaining travel documents and an allowance for the initial needs. IOM also provides assistance with the actual return voyage. The Dutch Council for Refugees or other organisations that help with return can assist you in applying to IOM for such support. You must however meet several conditions.

What contributions are there?

[ Welke vergoedingen zijn er? ]

The contributions for return to Ghana are:

  • €1800 for an adult, of which no more than €300 in cash.
  • €2800 for a child travelling along or an unaccompanied minor, of which no more than €300 in cash.

For example: a family of 2 adults and one minor child will receive €1800 + €1800 + €2800 = €6400. Of this total amount no more than €900 will be paid in cash.

In addition, under the REAN scheme you can for example obtain an airline ticket and additional cash (€200 for an adult, €40 for a child travelling along).

Which organisations assist with return?

[ Welke organisaties helpen bij terugkeer? ]
  • The Dutch Council for Refugees supports you based on the project Met Opgeheven Hoofd 2 (With Head Held High 2) in thinking about your future possibilities. If you are thinking about returning to your country of origin, the Dutch Council for Refugees can assist you with your preparations. If you want us to do so, we can put you in contact with a partner organisation in your country. This organisation has a network there and knowledge of the political and economic situation. We first discuss with you the possibilities, for example for work, your own business, contacting family again, training, medical care or housing. After returning, you will be received by the partner organisation in your country of origin, which will assist you with reintegration and investment of the available money.
  • IOM , Internationale Organisation for Migration, can help you to resume your life at home again after you return. Via IOM, after your return for example you can invest in housing, training or a business. You will not receive cash for this, but you will spend the in-kind scheme in cooperation with the IOM office in your country of origin.
  • Stichting WereldWijd supports participants in starting their own business. People who participate in the WereldTools (WorldTools) project receive a crate of materials, tools and machines in order to return to work as soon as possible after returning to their country of origin. The local IOM office takes receipt of the crate for you at customs.
  • Solid Road offers various short training courses enabling people to learn a certain trade. With the knowledge you gain during the training course, you can start a business in your country of origin. In addition to the training courses to learn a trade, you also receive business training and you receive a certificate after the end. There is also money to spend on goods that help you to reintegrate.
  • Stichting ROS has projects including Vice Versa 5.0. With this project you can receive support if you return voluntarily to your country of origin, aimed at your personal situation. Together with a return coach from your own country, you prepare for your return, you make a future plan together and see how you want to spend the return funds. You can undergo training or take a course so that you can start working after you return. After you return you will be assisted by a partner in your country of origin.
  • Goedwerk Foundation offers solutions for return aimed at your own personal situation, because this is different for everyone. Through good preparation in the Netherlands and aftercare in your country of origin, Goedwerk aims to ensure that your return goes well. The staff members make a future plan together with you and see what you would like to use the return funds for.

Which cooperation partners are there in your country of origin?

[ Welke samenwerkingspartners zijn er in jouw land van herkomst? ]

Partner organisations in your country of origin can give you information on the situation in your country and support and assist you when you return.

  • AG Care Ghana In Ghana the Dutch Council for Refugees works together with the organisation AG Care. They assist Ghanaians who have returned (both individuals and families) in starting a new life. They can pick up returnees at the airport, help them to find (temporary) accommodation and support them in setting up a small business or finding work. They also help to find good training or education, useful contacts and networks and, where necessary, they refer clients to healthcare institutions. The Dutch Council for Refugees maintains contact with the partner organisation until a year after return so that they can hear how you are doing.
  • If you have chosen support by IOM, colleagues from the IOM Office in Ghana will help you to spend the contribution in kind-money. You can use this sum, for example for rent, a study programme, training, purchasing for a business etc.
  • The other organisations often work together as well with a local partner in your country of origin. Which one this is and what the partner can do for you may vary.

Contact and advice


If you need personal advice or guidance, please contact the Dutch Council for Refugees in your reception centre or municipality. Type the place name or postcode where you are staying.

Spreekuur means consulting hours. Sometimes it says Juridisch spreekuur. These consulting hours are meant for matters around your residence status or family reunification.

If the Dutch Council for Refugees is not active in your municipality, the contact details of the regional head office are shown above. In that case, please contact your municipality or the organisation in your municipality that provides guidance to refugees.