A common European asylum system

There is one asylum system for all countries in the European Union: the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). What does this system entail?


Within the European Union, several directives have been in force since 2012, which all countries must adhere to:

  • The Procedures Directive describes the minimum standards that an asylum procedure must meet;
  • The Definition Directive deals with the question of who is or is not a refugee;
  • The Reception Directive states the conditions that the reception of asylum seekers must meet;
  • The Temporary Protection Directive is about a temporary protection mechanism that comes into effect when many displaced persons come to the European Union at the same time. This guideline has not yet been used in practice.

Dublin system

In addition to GEAS, the so-called Dublin system has also been introduced. This stipulates that the EU country where an asylum seeker first arrives, is responsible for his asylum application. So if a refugee arrives in Greece first, Greece is responsible for reception and asylum procedure.

Despite CEAS, the differences in procedures and reception of the various Member States are large. Therefore, it can make a big difference in which country you arrive first as a refugee.

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