Project, 8 februari 2022

International project: Supporting refugees in Curaçao

Since 2019, we have been working together with Human Rights Defense Curaçao (HRDC), an organisation committed to the welfare of Venezuelan refugees on the island.
Foto: Berber van Beek

The situation

Curaçao has about 150,000 inhabitants and about 15,000 undocumented Venezuelans, according to the latest figures from the UNHCR. This is equivalent to 10% of the population. The country, which is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has never had to deal with refugees in such high numbers.

Since 2014, an estimated 6 million Venezuelans have left their country, fleeing the economic and political crisis. However, the flawed asylum system on Curaçao makes it very difficult for refugees to apply for protection. Refugees who enter the country by boat are detained in inhumane conditions, sometimes for months, or even deported to Venezuela without consideration of their request for protection.

De afgelopen jaren vluchten duizenden Venezolaanse vluchtelingen naar Curaçao. Een slechtere ontvangst is nauwelijks denkbaar: vluchtelingen belanden daar direct in de gevangenis.

What does Human Rights Defense Curaçao do?

HRDC supports refugees and migrants in Curaçao. They do this by offering legal assistance, providing information, advocating for a fair asylum procedure, raising awareness about human rights, and collecting data and other information.

How do we work together?

DCR has a long-term partnership with HRDC. We support and train HRDC employees and lawyers so they are better equipped to support and advise refugees. We also provide financial and other support, such as organisational development and lobbying within the Kingdom.

Together we are committed to the humane reception of refugees and access to fair procedures, a joint responsibility of Curaçao and the Netherlands.

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