Nieuws, 1 december 2022

Support humane reception of refugees

Suzan (37), mother of three children, has fled the war in Syria. After a journey full of hardships, she hoped to find a safe place for her children in the Netherlands. But for over ten months, she has been living with her children in a sober room in an emergency shelter. All this time she does not know whether they are allowed to stay in the Netherlands. 'We hardly have any privacy here and there is always noise. I cannot find peace. We can't even make our own food. I am especially concerned about my children. I'm afraid they will never know what a normal life looks like. When will it get better?' Due to the stress and uncertainty, Suzan is close to despair.


Just like Suzan, more than 19.000 asylum seekers are trapped in the many (crisis) emergency reception locations in The Netherlands. The living conditions are bad, the waiting times are endless and the psychological distress is high. As the Council for Refugees, we stand up for their rights. In all the (emergency) reception locations we are present to help, provide information and legal advice and an empathetic ear to those in despair. We also organize activities for children with our Time4You project.


To put an end to the degrading situation in the (emergency) shelter, we filed a lawsuit against the government. The courts decision finds place at the 20th of december.


Throughout the month of December, we ask attention for the harrowing situation in the (emergency) shelter. Help us support our cause. Together we can be there for refugees like Suzan. For loving attention, offering help and support.

Support humane reception of refugees

If your future is uncertain, who can you fall back on? The Dutch Council for Refugees defends the rights of asylum seekers and refugees and stands up for humane reception of refugees.
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